Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Streets Verdict Is Not In

            With the recent info out on the jury's verdict coming back as not guilty, I want to share our non-shock in this. It's simple when you think about it, the state is a fascist police state and Zimmerman was just reiterating what the police do every day. Our stance is against the police and justice system and we intend to stick with that, Zimmerman will forever be known as a murderer and the streets will have their justice one way or another we are sure.
            The states racism and misogyny is still ever evident in a very similar case you can see here where a black women was defending herself against her abusive husband and fired a warning shot to scare him off, and is now sentenced to 20 years.

            Now that the state is in fear of riots and especially the city of Sanford, the police have put the city on lock down with reports already of confrontations with police. We urge all anti-fascist and people in general with a good moral compass to take to the streets and show solidarity with Trayvon, his family and all others slain for the reason of just being a human being.

             We are interested to see what happens now when the out open Nazi of American Front Leader Marcus is going on trial in just a few weeks. So now we can chalk up the tally; Zimmerman kills young black child and gets off, a black woman defends herself (not killing or even hitting) against abusive husband and gets 20 years, (9 out of 14 with one more left to go on trial) Nazis released with no charges for planning and training for race wars. Florida you are doing it wrong.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Racism Still does Exist

Since starting CFLAFA many years ago, so many people have said "Whats the point?" or "Racism doesn't exist anymore". Well, the proof is in the pudding as of just the last few months, and even more that the police and courts are not here to help with the problem.

In May of 2012, 13 members of American Front were arrested in an domestic terrorist task force effort. Since then, 9 have been released and all charges dropped. Marcus Faella is now set to go to trial on July 29th, and rumor has it his charges will also be dropped. This is a perfect example of how these people are allowed to get away with anything and the court system will not help in the efforts to stop these groups from organizing.

Recently on the evening of Monday May 13, another incident has popped up where the Fort Christmas Knights of the Klu Klux Klan went around in Christmas, Florida dropping Flyers on driveways. We decided to send a few members to the area and see how the people of the community are reacting and let them know that they are not alone, as the police are really not going to do anything to ease the tension of the citizens. Their responses were as expected, they were very appreciative that someone was being attentive to the issues. One man said "It's 2013 what were they thinking, this is even a mixed neighborhood, I can't even believe that these people are still around and trying to recruit people." Another man said "We really appreciate what you all are doing." A woman jogging said that she was also appreciative of our efforts. We went up to the area's community center to drop off a handful of Turn the Tides Zine and a small stack of flyers, The woman in the office said that a close friend of hers as well as many others called in complaints of the Klan's actions and they are appalled and shocked that this happened. She had to get management's approval to put out the zines but she said that she would try and showed much appreciation for our organization's efforts. Even though direct action is usually a very effective tool, community outreach is a very necessary tool as well and the feeling of people's appreciation face to face is an awesome feeling. 

What does this really say? Well to us that says that we still have a huge problem in this country with bigotry and the only way to fix the problem is to confront it head on and keep these people from operating. To quote a person we talked to today "It's 2013, what are they thinking?"

We will continue to monitor central Florida as always and will keep our area Fascist Free!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Where there is Agnostic Front there will be boneheads

          So for years going back to the beginning of time it seems, anytime Agnostic Front (a old NY hardcore skinhead band) would play boneheads would show up. This never makes any sense, now its true some of their old songs back in the day were pretty right wing and they were the typical American hardcore band. But most of their songs now a days are just about being hardcore and the lifestyle, which has gotten to be a little old amongst most people but they still have a huge following, even with Spanish background musicians in the band and close ties with groups like Madball whose lead singer is Cuban.
          Now that being said for years we would make sure to attend Agnostic Front shows, and any other shows we thought might attract them, to make sure our scene would continue to be Nazi Free.
          To give a little bit of a back story for the last couple of years whenever we would show up to AF shows in Orlando a couple bonheads would show up, in fact a couple years ago a small group of them showed up to backbooth and started their white power stuff and was shut up real quick probably not realising there was about a dozen anti racist skinheads just on the other side of the bar watching them.
          This year was a little different where the show was going to stop in Cocoa instead of Orlando. Now reports have shows that the show in Jacksonville was riddled with Nazis, but no surprise there. But in Cocoa there was no way any were going to show up. But CFLAFA were there in full force to make sure.
         Only one instance of somebody seig heiling in the pit happened, he was in the pit got leveled down and was told that if he kept it up he would get hurt. he wasn't a bonehead but what was weird was he was a metal head long hair and all, said he came down from Jacksonville and was following them on their tour. Unsure what this guys intentions were, but he laid off the pit and took a step back for the rest of the evening. All in all I will say that it's good to know after all the years previous groups like CPPR and Colorblind put in for years and now us to keep our shows Nazi Free is positive step and working well.
        All in all the show went great and was a lot of fun, because a show with no Nazis is always a great show.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


UPDATE: Since the NSM Conference we have found out there was a person photographing the conference. in the NSM after action report they said there was only minor damage and one window smashed out well that has proven to be incorrect by there own doing. Enjoy the pictures

NSM is only cocky when the police are protecting them, but when constant yelling and antagonizing is coming to them from all ends nobody does anything except hide behind the police state Atlanta created in a rush. According to Atlanta Indymedia the rally started a little after 2:30 pm marching up to the capitol building, with of course their police protection.

Quoted from a blogger: "The NSM and the Klan were escorted behind the barricade to the              protest area and their fascist rally began. The police attempted to block off a section of the street, placing only a small line of cops, a medium sized road, and some barricades between the nazis and the counter-demo.  Despite having been earlier told to get out of this area, the crowd realized the cops were not prepared to contain them so they pushed forward and took the sidewalk directly in front of the rally. The majority of the nazi scum never turned their backs to the angry crowd and became visibly upset about the things being yelled. People from the crowd were yelling "Kill yourself", "Please die," "Die Nazi Scum," "Choke on a bullet," and "Fuck your car!" (in response to the previous night's attacks), amongst other things.  Towards the rally's end some of the younger neo-nazis came towards the barricades, yelling that they wanted to sexually assault and confront the crowd. The crowd returned their threats with globs of spit and middle fingers raised high. Once some camera men made it close to them, many nazis backed a way in fear of having their photos taken."

In attendance seemed to be a assortment of NSM, Loyal Knights of the KKK, random boneheads and a couple bikers. Which still only accounted for about 40 white nationalist with a few looking quite the bottom the barrel below the already mass of bottom of the barrel human beings. Against them from our eye accountability seemed to be a large source of Occupy Atlanta, and assorted groups of (A)narchist, liberals and brave people who know that racism and fascism is wrong.

Towards the end of the Rally they started to March back to their parking structure where the police and them found out rather quickly that there in fact was only one entrance. The anti-fascist protestors started to try and block the way out and get the nazis to come down and confront them, But of course that wasnt working because they obviously are cowards and stay behind their protection. Unfortunate the police put a stop to all this with barraging around with there assault rifles.

All around turned out great. shut down the Conference and there rally being a huge disappointment.

Thanks to all who helped in phone jams and the stopping of their conference and the disrupting of their rally. Even other White Nationalist find this group to be a huge joke where you can see in the comments of this blog.



Update 4/19/13: Since we first posted this, we have gotten 4 confirmations that the hotel asked the NSM to leave. If this is true, thank you to everyone for successfully shutting down their 2013 national conference!

The National Socialist Movement (NSM) planned to hold their annual conference and rally this year in Atlanta, GA. The conference portion was to take place at the same place they were staying at; the Wellesley Inn Hotel (1337 Virgina ave Atlanta, GA), booked under the "Richard Wight group". In 2011, Anti- Racist Action showed up to their conference in Pemberton, NJ and a fight involving 20 plus people ensued. Several nazis in the NSM were hospitalized with antifa suffering only minor scratches. Now, for the second time in 3 years, ARA and other antifascist comrades found their meeting location and disrupted it.

After intercepting private conversations between NSM members, ARA put together a country wide phone jam involving many antifascist and radical organizations. At around 6pm the calls came in hard and folks raised their concern over the neo nazi conference taking place at the Wellesley Inn.  Meanwhile, according to a posting on Atlanta indymedia, some anonymous ATL antifascists rushed the hotel smashing  NSM South Carolina member Richard Wight's car.

Taken from Atlanta indymedia:

On April 19th, Atlanta antifascists descended upon the Wellesley Inn Hotel, where the  neo nazi group known as the National Socialist Movement was holding their annual conference. We smashed every window and a tire of their member Richard Wight's car. We did this to disrupt their conference, avert their attention off of the conference, to hit them monetarily, and show them that there will always be consequences for fascist organizing.

-Fuck off nazi scum


At first, upon receiving the concerned calls, the hotel seemed concerned, but soon enough they made a pathetic attempt at denying the NSM's presence. Eventually, the hotel claimed they asked them to leave! Thank you to every single person who helped with the phone jam.

One night earlier in Illinois:

Since the NSM's former Illinois state contact Suzy Lenner (3144 Boyle Terrace, Apt 4B River Grove, IL 60171-1185) quit and became merely a supporter as a
Buddy Rumble
direct result of antifa harassment, the NSM made it a goal to quietly build a strong and active Illinois unit. The NSM thought they were doing pretty well in their efforts, with Buddy Rumble being the lead coordinator from the outside.

The truth is however, that one of their younger members turned informant for antifa after being contacted weeks prior to the conference. The Hated and Proud Skins were to pick up our mole late Thursday night for the conference, but according to an email, were instead "ambushed by antifa, leaving their car unable to make it to the meeting". Chris Rothe apparently was unable to make it to the meeting as well. This means, that not a single member of the Illinois NSM made it to their failed national conference.

They thought they could hide and get one over on antifa? Here's all the goods on the Illinois NSM:

Chris Rothe (State leader)
789 Inland Cir, Apt 102
Naperville, IL 60563-0223
(630) 806 9739
Age: 33
Used to be National Alliance
Foreman at a construction company

William Kennedy
9106 S. Spaulding Ave
52 years old
419 349 4789
Has a masters degree in criminal justice
Former campus policemean who retired after a stroke in 2010 and now lives in Evergreen Park on a fixed income
Has a FOID card

Hated and Proud Skins/Chicago NSM:

Ryan Noble (Chicago unit leader)
Summit, IL
312 402 8542
25 yrs old
Born July 24th 1987

Cody Anderson
Summit, IL

Peter Jackson
Summit, IL
Born June 4t 1990
"The Hated and Proud Skins are a crew of skinheads against the deconstruction of the Aryan race. Our mission is to help reclaim the skinhead scene in the greater Chicago land area, help lend a fierce hand to the Illinois white nationalist movement, and spread our thoughts to the world via internet, leafleting, and action"

But the games ain't over, the NSM will be rallying tomorrow at GA state capitol.

Also taken from Atlanta indymedia:

According to the Georgia State Capitol Events webpage, The neo-nazi organization National Socialist Movement (NSM) along with other racist white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan will be holding their 2013 National meeting & anti-immigration rally in Atlanta and it's no coincidence that they are doing it on Hitler's birthday. Although the meeting is being held in an undisclosed location, here is the info for the rally:

WHEN: SATURDAY APRIL 20, 2013 at 2:30 PM
WHERE: THE GEORGIA STATE CAPITOL -- 206 Washington Street SW Atlanta, GA 30334 (close to GSU MARTA Station)