Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Streets Verdict Is Not In

            With the recent info out on the jury's verdict coming back as not guilty, I want to share our non-shock in this. It's simple when you think about it, the state is a fascist police state and Zimmerman was just reiterating what the police do every day. Our stance is against the police and justice system and we intend to stick with that, Zimmerman will forever be known as a murderer and the streets will have their justice one way or another we are sure.
            The states racism and misogyny is still ever evident in a very similar case you can see here where a black women was defending herself against her abusive husband and fired a warning shot to scare him off, and is now sentenced to 20 years.

            Now that the state is in fear of riots and especially the city of Sanford, the police have put the city on lock down with reports already of confrontations with police. We urge all anti-fascist and people in general with a good moral compass to take to the streets and show solidarity with Trayvon, his family and all others slain for the reason of just being a human being.

             We are interested to see what happens now when the out open Nazi of American Front Leader Marcus is going on trial in just a few weeks. So now we can chalk up the tally; Zimmerman kills young black child and gets off, a black woman defends herself (not killing or even hitting) against abusive husband and gets 20 years, (9 out of 14 with one more left to go on trial) Nazis released with no charges for planning and training for race wars. Florida you are doing it wrong.


  1. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-WHITE

    1. No its not. i am white and AntiRacist

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  3. Trayvon Martin was shot because he sucker-punched and then proceeded to try and beat George Zimmerman into a coma...or worse. If Trayvon had kept his hands to himself, he'd be alive and well today.

  4. Big and bad in urban areas, little kitty cats out in rural land. Leave us be with your call to hate and anger, your President's name is Trump.

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