Sunday, April 21, 2013


UPDATE: Since the NSM Conference we have found out there was a person photographing the conference. in the NSM after action report they said there was only minor damage and one window smashed out well that has proven to be incorrect by there own doing. Enjoy the pictures

NSM is only cocky when the police are protecting them, but when constant yelling and antagonizing is coming to them from all ends nobody does anything except hide behind the police state Atlanta created in a rush. According to Atlanta Indymedia the rally started a little after 2:30 pm marching up to the capitol building, with of course their police protection.

Quoted from a blogger: "The NSM and the Klan were escorted behind the barricade to the              protest area and their fascist rally began. The police attempted to block off a section of the street, placing only a small line of cops, a medium sized road, and some barricades between the nazis and the counter-demo.  Despite having been earlier told to get out of this area, the crowd realized the cops were not prepared to contain them so they pushed forward and took the sidewalk directly in front of the rally. The majority of the nazi scum never turned their backs to the angry crowd and became visibly upset about the things being yelled. People from the crowd were yelling "Kill yourself", "Please die," "Die Nazi Scum," "Choke on a bullet," and "Fuck your car!" (in response to the previous night's attacks), amongst other things.  Towards the rally's end some of the younger neo-nazis came towards the barricades, yelling that they wanted to sexually assault and confront the crowd. The crowd returned their threats with globs of spit and middle fingers raised high. Once some camera men made it close to them, many nazis backed a way in fear of having their photos taken."

In attendance seemed to be a assortment of NSM, Loyal Knights of the KKK, random boneheads and a couple bikers. Which still only accounted for about 40 white nationalist with a few looking quite the bottom the barrel below the already mass of bottom of the barrel human beings. Against them from our eye accountability seemed to be a large source of Occupy Atlanta, and assorted groups of (A)narchist, liberals and brave people who know that racism and fascism is wrong.

Towards the end of the Rally they started to March back to their parking structure where the police and them found out rather quickly that there in fact was only one entrance. The anti-fascist protestors started to try and block the way out and get the nazis to come down and confront them, But of course that wasnt working because they obviously are cowards and stay behind their protection. Unfortunate the police put a stop to all this with barraging around with there assault rifles.

All around turned out great. shut down the Conference and there rally being a huge disappointment.

Thanks to all who helped in phone jams and the stopping of their conference and the disrupting of their rally. Even other White Nationalist find this group to be a huge joke where you can see in the comments of this blog.

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